Gigawatt Graphics is an award-winning full-service design agency founded by graphic artist, Geoffrey Bloom. Gigawatt Graphics specializes in Packaging Design, Illustration, Branding, and Digital/Web Graphics for medium to large corporations, small businesses, ad agencies, and non-profit organizations that are looking to drive their company’s creative vision into the future. Learn More…

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What Our Clients Say

“Geoff has done a fantastic job for us on multiple engagements, consistently providing visually impressive graphics in a timely manner. Geoff’s remarkable sense of creativity ensures his end product always exceeds expectations. I would highly recommend Geoff for any graphic design project and plan to continue to use Geoff on future engagements.”

John Lucier | Senior Associate at American Capital

“I would gladly recommend Geoff Bloom for any design project. His artistic talent and software skills are expert-level, and his business acumen puts him over the top. I have hired Geoff Bloom for several different projects/clients. Of course, I like this style and aesthetic application, but what I also like about Geoff is his sense of practicality. He listens carefully, quickly grasps the project goals and needs, and hits deadlines in a timely way. I plan to hire him again if/when design needs arise. ”

Geoffrey Oldmixon | Director of Communications at Harold Grinspoon Foundation

“Geoff took my vision and made it a reality. I had worked with numerous designers prior to Geoff to try and get my vision for a logo put onto paper. Geoff was the only one who could do it. I have since hired him numerous times for other projects and I have been equally as happy. I highly recommend Geoff for any art or design work. He is extremely capable and stands by his word.”Tom Strachan | LuluLocal
“Geoff is my favorite partner I work with at any Company I hire. I work at an investment Company that owns many companies and Geoff can handle anything we ask of him. Geoff’s ability to understand your vision and then execute is second to none. I can explain something to him and he immediately understands vision, and then creates stunning work. He’s also super timely, reliable, & is always thinks one step ahead with a suggestion to make my project better. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with.”Tim Huelskamp | American Capital

“I’ve worked with Geoff for only a short period of time, but I’ve been extremely impressed with his artistic talent, creativity, project management skills, and sense of humor. He’s the type of person you want on your team if you want your high profile graphic and creative projects completed quickly, efficiently, and under budget – plus have a few laughs along the way. He listens to your project needs, provides options, and always exceeds your expectations. I would hire Geoff on my team any day.”

Donna Bambrough | Director of Regional Marketing Programs at CSG

“I hired Geoff to create a cover for an upper-level college title. Geoff quickly understood what we wanted and presented a number of very different options. He was open to further direction and eager to get it right—not always an easy thing when you have four different entities (marketing, editorial, production, and author) to please. And yet, Geoff pulled it off. Did I mention how quickly he did so? He turned things around practically overnight. I’ve rarely had such a good experience right out of the gate! I recommend Geoff highly.”

Vicki Kasabian | Senior Production Editior at Heinemann Publishing

“Geoff is an imaginative and versatile designer who works very well across all marketing and advertising mediums. He brings a new and fresh perspective to all of his design projects and consistently exceeded expectations. Geoff’s attention to detail and Photoshop skills are impeccable. He can manage a very demanding workload with ease and is able to meet tight deadlines without compromising the end product.”

Laurelee Langan | Marketing Manager at EH Publishing

“We are still getting compliments on the beautiful, unique, and perfectly-personalized pieces Geoff created for our save-the-date and wedding. Geoff was a pleasure to work with and the end results, from save-the-date to menus, programs, and more, really set the exact tone we wanted for our day– and remain sentimental mementos we’ll cherish.”

Katey Birtcher | Freelance Client

“Geoff is great to work with…a real team player with a great outlook to life and design. He takes pride in his work and it shows. I enjoyed working with him. He is quick, but detailed, and enthusiastic to work with. He is also a great teacher and is patient and eager to help others. I miss working with his talents. He would be a grand addition to any designing team.”

Kellie O'Donnell | Product Manager at Boston Warehouse

“Geoff Bloom’s cutting-edge product designs helped That’s My Ticket develop the exact look and feel we envisioned for our line. His work speaks for itself; one look at his portfolio says it all. Plus, Bloom is a huge Bruins fan and we like that too.

Keith Gentili | Vice President of Sales at That's My Ticket

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