WFX Expo
Design & Development

Project Description
The Worship Facilities Conference and Expo caters to the technology teams for large or televised churches. The 2009 conference called for a bright and vibrant color scheme with a modern motif. I was the sole designer from start to finish. This included logo creation, website development, conference brochures, exhibitor prospectus brochures, direct mail show postcards, exhibitor appreciation swag, and all of the large scale show signage.

EH Publishing

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“Geoff is an imaginative and versatile designer who works very well across all marketing and advertising mediums. He brings a new and fresh perspective to all of his design projects and consistently exceeded expectations. Geoff’s attention to detail and Photoshop skills are impeccable. He can manage a very demanding workload with ease and is able to meet tight deadlines without compromising the end product.”

 Laurelee Langan | EH Publishing