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Album Art – The Love Mixes

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Amy Bloom / Personal Project

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This collection of album art is an ongoing project that I create for my wife each year. As a former college DJ and an online podcaster, I endlessly search for perfect songs to include. Each album features custom artwork, illustrations, and liner notes. As our relationship has grown and we’ve become engaged, married, and had our first child, these albums have continued to evolve. One year I 3D printed the case, and another year I made an actual cassette mixtape (It was surprisingly hard to make an actual cassette recording in 2016). Every year has a theme from something important that happened in our lives that year, Volume 11 was themed around the purchase of our first home together, Volume 15 was spaced themed after our trip to the Kenedy Space Center that year. Volume 17 was road trip themed for our adventure to Niagra Falls, and Volume 18 is aptly named “The Quarantine Romance” Due to the current world conditions. #LoveInTheTimeOfCorona

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Album Art | Illustration | Photo Editing | LOVE


V15 – Disc 1 – Thrust

V15 – Disc 2 – Spacey

V15 – Disc 3 – Galaxy