Clark Rebranding Campaign

Project Description

Redesign and marketing campaign for the classic Clark Bar. Aimed at rugged males aged 18-40, the marketing tagline read “Are You Clark Enough?” and TV/radio spots boldly exclaimed “Clark Bites: Eat them and walk among kings, ancient warriors, and men with thick heads of hair.” We overhauled the packaging with the revival of a white logo that stands out against a grunge-textured ruby red background (and on store shelves). To increase brand and product awareness, we placed detailed product shots front and center, highlighted by rugged textures and rich shadows. I worked directly with photographers, print vendors, and advertising media agencies to get this massive project off the ground.


New England Confectionery Co., Inc. (NECCO Candies)

Branding, Illustration, Packaging Design, Print Media, Product Development
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