Goddess Product Line

Project Description

Packaging plays a major role in getting a customer to purchase your product. As the lead designer for the Spotless Goddess, Kitchen Goddess, and Garden Goddess product lines, I aimed to give these lines of whimsical gadgets an equally whimsical packaging campaign. The packaging design received a 2012 GDUSA American Package Design Award, and was one of the first to spearhead the fashion forward movement for cleaning and gardening tools that we’ve seen so much of in the past few years. This project involved everything from logo creation, product and pattern development, tradeshow and marketing materials, and packaging design. I also worked directly with photographers and overseas manufacturing vendors to ensure quality and consistency in both the product and the packaging.


Boston Warehouse Trading Corp.

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“I worked closely with Geoff for about 3 years at Boston Warehouse. Geoff was our head graphic artist and was fantastic at his job…from catalogs, and showroom designs, to packaging and product design. Geoff’s creative abilities branched so much further than what he was hired for, and he rose to each challenge easily. Not only was he dedicated and well liked, but he continually went above and beyond the call of duty. His work ethic was more than an employer could hope for, and his skills were always amazing and kept current with the technology of today. Geoff is a dream employee and any company would be lucky to work with him.”David Heckert | Marketing Manager at Boston Warehouse