Textbook Cover Design

Project Description
This upper-level text book cover, created for Heinemann Publishing (a subsidiary of Houghton Mifflin), aims to educate teachers about how children learn through new media. The client wanted it to have a professional and technology-driven design.

Heinemann Publishing

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“I hired Geoff to create a cover for an upper-level college title. Geoff quickly understood what we wanted and presented a number of very different options. He was open to further direction and eager to get it right—not always an easy thing when you have four different entities (marketing, editorial, production, and author) to please. And yet, Geoff pulled it off. Did I mention how quickly he did so? He turned things around practically overnight. I’ve rarely had such a good experience right out of the gate! I recommend Geoff highly.”Vicki Kasabian | Senior Production Editor at Heinemann Publishing