Sweethearts Packaging
and Product Development

Sweethearts, the Official candy of love, have been spreading the word of love on their tiny little hearts since 1866! This year marks their 150th anniversary and to celebrate, the packaging got a makeover like no other. We focused on a Clean, modern, youthful look that screams love & Candy! With the new look comes a revival of Sweethearts Classic Flavors (Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Banana, Orange, Wintergreen) along with a new Sour lineup. Some other Sweethearts innovation that lives on this page:

  • Concept art for Valentine gift boxes geared towards young men.
  • Hot and Cool Sweethearts (Peppermint and cinnamon combo)
  • Color Your Own 1 oz Sweethearts box and web development – includes a coloring contest and promotes customer interaction. Featured in Packaging Design Magazine. Read more here.
  • Concept art for a Sweethearts-themed mobile App game; Broken hearts.

New England Confectionery Co., Inc. (NECCO Candies)


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