Sports Memorabilia Products

Project Description

Created to showcase a sports fan’s entire ticket collection, these archive designs were specifically made for every league team in the MLB, NFL, and NHL. Custom branding for each team called for strict attention to detail and an eye for design, and required approval from the league. Note the detail in the dirt on the MLB archives, or the individually made scratch marks and water droplets on the NHL archives. These can be found at many sporting goods stores and arenas including TD Bank Garden, Fenway Park, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Newbury Comics. Also on this page are marketing tools designed for this client, and other league-related product designs.


That’s My Ticket

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Geoff Bloom’s cutting-edge product designs helped That’s My Ticket develop the exact look and feel we envisioned for our line. His work speaks for itself; one look at his portfolio says it all. Plus, Bloom is a huge Bruins fan and we like that too. ”Keith Gentili | Vice President of Sales