The Love Album – Volume 15

June 5, 2017/0/2

I’ve always been a music and album art fanatic, so 15 years ago, it felt like second nature to create our first “Love Album” for my girlfriend (now wife) on our first anniversary. At that time I was the DJ for WXPL 91.3fm, my college radio station and the album was a mix of indie rock love songs.

My wife and I met in our last year of college when we were both working a summer job at the local Walmart. I, the suave lab-coated, mutton-chopped, artsy blue-glasses-wearing photo lab attendant (yes, people developed film back then) and her, a cute red-headed cashier in need of more bags. I shyly asked her out on our first date (which was XXX w/ Vin Diesel), and she said yes! Our pinkies touched for the first time across that cinema armrest, and the rest is history. Now 15 years later, The tradition of The Love Album continues on. Each year’s design tends to be more elaborate than the last. There’s even been 3D printed cases, hand-bound liner notes, and one that was recorded to an actual cassette tape! Let me tell you, a traditional mixtape on a cassette is no easy task to create in 2016.

This year was the release of Volume 15! A 3 discs special edition with a stellar design that captures some of our best memories from this year perfectly, specifically our trip to Kennedy Space Center and our resulting space nerdiness. See the full design below and check out some of the previous love albums here.

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V15 – Disc 1 – Thrust

V15 – Disc 2 – Spacey

V15 – Disc 3 – Galaxy