Harry Potter Posters

August 20, 2015/2/1
Harry Potter Inspired Poster - The Boy Who Lived - Wand - GigawattGraphics
Harry Potter Inspired Poster - Gryfindor Wins - Golden Snitch -GigawattGraphics
Harry Potter Posters
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Check out the latest additions to our poster series, this week’s focus: Harry Potter!  One quote is from Hagrid while telling Harry his back story. Harry’s Wand and Scar are the illustrated props. The other “Gryffindor Wins!” design has an Illustration of the Golden Snitch with a Gryffindor color scheme and if you look closely enough you can spot the Quidditch goal posts in the background.

These prints are part of the Cinema Obscura Poster Series a series of minimalistic prints dedicated to obscure movie references.

If this is your first time here, check out the full poster series and click the button below if you’d like to order prints, shirts, pillows, notebooks, or bags!


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