Stranger Things wRap

October 28, 2017/0/1

Back before I was Owner and CCO of Gigawatt Graphics, I was the Creative Director for NECCO Candies in Revere, MA for 4 years, which was a fun experience (even without a chocolate river). It looks like Stranger Things didn’t get the packaging memo and used the redesigned NECCO Wafer packaging in their Season 2 Episode 2 trick-or-treating haul! Sooo Cool!


This was one of the more memorable projects I worked on while employed by NECCO. You can tell that it’s the latest design by the blue stripes and white stars along the sides. The NECCO Wafer roll has had only a handful of design renditions during its 150+ years. I was honored with the opportunity to make the first major packaging overhaul since the early 1980s. The goal was to give the glassine wrapper a subtle yet modern facelift and a callout to the classic candy manufacturer’s USA heritage. It took some fine-tuning to keep the design similar in style and color for their current loyal customers while bringing in modern touches to gain a younger demographic. See Screenshots below:

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