Screening Room Poster

September 12, 2014/0/0
Mashup Video

The moment we bought our new house, I knew the basement would be a perfect fit for a projector Screening Room/Bruins Den/Man Cave/Toddler Toons room (it’s mostly been used for the Later). The walls were a bit drab, and the room in general needed something extra, so I went about designing this giant poster of my favorite movie characters, as you can see there’s an “M” Theme. Also note the Credits: Visual Effects by Geoff Bloom, Based on the Novel by Amy Bloom (my wife), and Costume Design by Annabelle Bloom (My 3 year old daughter). This was a really fun project and it looks great in the basement. Want one for your screening room with your favorite characters? email me and we can setup a custom order!

Incase you live under a rock and are having a hard time matching up the characters:

Marty Mcfly – Back to the future
Mike Lowrey – Bad Boys
Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) – The Fifth Element
Marvin & Mos Def – The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy
Moose – Step Up (My wife’s favorite movie)
John McClane – Die Hard
Mia Toretto – The Fast and the Furious