NECCO Wafer Rebranding

Project Description

The Necco Wafer roll has had only a handful of design renditions during its 160+ years. I was recently honored with the opportunity to make the first major packaging overhaul since the early 1980s. The goal was to give the glassine wrapper a subtle yet modern facelift and a callout to the classic candy manufacturer’s United States heritage. It took some fine-tuning to keep the design similar in style and color for our current fan base, while bringing in modern touches to gain a younger demographic. This design change also opened up the door to additional SKUs, featured below. In its first selling pitch to store buyers, 12 out of 15 buyers took the samples back to their store for review. This is a major leap from the previous year when only 2 out of 15 buyers showed interest.


New England Confectionery Co., Inc. (NECCO Candies)

Packaging Design
Art Direction