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August 13, 2013/0/0/

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It’s Magic

March 6, 2013/0/0/

When in doubt… illustrate it! I’ve given up on the last minute “just shoot it with the camera phone” idea… This always looks bad, especially on packaging. These illustrations may have taken me half a day to create, but the end product is leaps and bounds beyond the alternative. A lot of attention goes toward […]

Uncategorized Boston Globe Ad

November 11, 2012/0/0/

Check out my Newspaper Advertisement in todays Sunday Boston Globe. It’s a promotion for the new, where you can personalize sweethearts and necco wafers with your own messaging. Great for wedding and party favors! website design also launches today. Website development Necco Store Website Development


Goddess line featured on!

April 23, 2012/0/0/ is a popular deal-a-day website in the artsy/hipster world that is focused toward trending products for your home. They have chosen to feature some of the Goddess product line in their recent Spring Cleaning Feature!


The new business cards are in!

March 27, 2012/0/0/

Here is a preview of my new business cards, made to match the new website.  The UV spot gloss came out great! Ask me about adding spot gloss to your next project.


And The Award Goes To…

January 26, 2012/0/0/

Great news! I submitted my goddess packaging artwork, which was created for Boston Warehouse, to GDUSA (a renowned design publication). It has been selected as a WINNER IN THE 2012 AMERICAN PACKAGE DESIGN AWARDS! Official Press Release from GDUSA ============================ GDUSA ANNOUNCES WINNERS OF 2012 AMERICAN PACKAGE DESIGN AWARDS Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) has named the winners of its annual […]

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Photo Restoration Project

January 21, 2012/0/0/

In case you didn’t know, I also offer photo restoration services! See some samples done for one of my freelance clients below. 


Vintage Vinyl up on Etsy!

January 16, 2012/0/0/

Hi everyone! I’ve been playing around with crafty ideas for recycling damaged vinyl for a few years now, so I was interested to see if one of my more popular projects (at least with my close friends and family) would sell on Etsy. So I present to you The Pen Den A vintage hand-molded vinyl record that […]

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Great Scott!

January 11, 2012/0/0/

Ask anyone (especially my wife). I’m a HUGE Back to the Future fan. I can and will quote the entire trilogy by heart. I’ve watched it at least once a month since childhood, and I dream of the day that I will be able to equip my Hyundai with a hover conversion kit (while avoiding hovering […]

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Blast From The Past – Part 1

December 18, 2011/0/0/

I’ve been diving deep in to the recesses of my backup hard drive and have dug up some gems from the past! My Largest Design to Date A billboard created for The Lorelton, an assisted living community in Wilmington, Delaware.I remember doing this one back in my lonely intern days after college! More to come soon!