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Throwback Thursday – 2004 Minnie Driver Charcoal Portrait

April 17, 2014/0/0/

I have a thing for British leading Ladies. My Wife can attest to this fact. Keira Knightley and Kate Beckinsale can do no wrong in my book, but Minnie Driver takes the leading roll as my all time favorite actress (british or not). Good Will Hunting & Gross Point Blank are staples in my movie […]

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Pen & Ink

January 23, 2014/0/0/

Some pen and ink sketches with a nautical theme, created these for some new home decor. Share this:


Sweethearts Hot Hearts

January 12, 2014/0/0/

Two new valentines day products designed by yours truly are hitting store shelves today! Sweetheart Hot Hearts (cinnamon) and Sweethearts Cool Hearts (peppermint)… new products with a bit of bite! These one’s are geared more toward teens and young adults, so I spiced up the packaging, gave it a new modern look, and the saying’s […]


Collecting Candy Blog

October 25, 2013/0/0/

many thanks to @Collectingcandy for this stellar review of my recent design work! #Necco Share this:


Halloween 2013

September 25, 2013/0/0/

Happy Halloween everyone! Working for a seasonal company can make the year fly by. The best part is that some of my new Halloween candy packaging and product development is out on store shelfs NOW!  Find them at your local Stop & Shop, and other fine candy retailers! Share this:


The Book Binding Experiment

August 30, 2013/0/0/

I’ve been in need of a new hobby… as well as a new sketchbook. So I opted out of the normal $10 sketchpad and decided that I would build my own book press and start hand crafting my own sketchbooks. This ended up costing 3 times as much, but the end product seems more substantial. […]


It’s Magic

March 6, 2013/0/0/

When in doubt… illustrate it! I’ve given up on the last minute “just shoot it with the camera phone” idea… This always looks bad, especially on packaging. These illustrations may have taken me half a day to create, but the end product is leaps and bounds beyond the alternative. A lot of attention goes toward […]