Throwback Thursday – 2004 Minnie Driver Charcoal Portrait

April 17, 2014/0/0

I have a thing for British leading Ladies. My Wife can attest to this fact. Keira Knightley and Kate Beckinsale can do no wrong in my book, but Minnie Driver takes the leading roll as my all time favorite actress (british or not). Good Will Hunting & Gross Point Blank are staples in my movie collection. I’ll even toss in her role as Mandy in Ella Enchanted since I’ve watched it a few times recently with my daughter. So it was natural progression that I would eventually drawn a 4 ft. tall Charcoal portrait of her for one of my college art finals in 2004. It was so large that I had to create this in 4 separate sections in my tiny College dorm room. It currently resides in my office at the Necco candy factory, but Minnie, if you’re reading this, it’s all yours for the taking! #celebcrush

Minnie Driver portrait

Minnie Driver Charcoal Portrait 2004




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